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 Herbal Products Is The Most Trusted And Part Of The Top Listed Leading Online Herbs Stores Online, Providing Cures For Different Kind Of Ailment All Over The Worldwide. Dr ogbekhilu Herbs Medication Home Is One Of The Best Online Herbal Stores Where Anyone Can Place Order For Traditional Medicine And Also Have A Health Consultation For Treatments that The Hospitals Have No Cure For.


Without the immune, can drugs heal?Think of the earth. Its diversities and many mysteries. How it continues to reveal its secrets in bits through old and recent discoveries. Now, all of those secrets and mysteries are in your body. No amount of discovery can ever exhaust all there is to know about the body. All we already know is just a drop in the ocean.The body is an intelligent entity! It knows more about itself than you will ever know. It is made with the ability to heal itself. However, it depends on YOU, the boss, to help it function to its maximum capacity. The way that is achieved is through habits and diet!But because of our poor habits and diet, we put our bodies through all kinds of sickness and inconvenience.If you eat the right food, containing the right minerals, and change unhealthy habits, your body can prevent or cure ANY DISEASE! Think of it. Why didn't the ancients suffer much from diseases like we do now? I have always said that in spite of the technological and scientific inventions of our time, we are the most ignorant dispensation of humans to ever walk the earth. It is not diseases that is killing us, it is lack of information.Most diseases nowadays have become resistant to western medicine because we've always been getting it wrong. Some people treat malaria too frequently in a year. Do you know what those drugs do to the immune system? Drugs don't heal. The body heals itself. Drugs actually aid the immune by weakening the antigens. Because we lack this understanding, we do not care about our immune. We eat dead food & all other kinds of poison. Someone once said the major cause of diseases, is poor bowel management. It begins from what you put in your belly. FOOD IS YOUR FIRST MEDICINE.Did you know that diseases are communication? The body is not only telling you that all is not well, it is also saying what needs to be done. But most times, our addiction to drugs make us deaf to what the body says.

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We offer a range of licensed traditional herbal medicinal products that can be used to prevent or relieve the symptoms of many common ailments and are an alternative to conventional medicines.All of our herbal medicines are registered under the Traditional Herbal Registration scheme which means that they are of pharmaceutical grade and meet specific safety and quality standards based on traditional usage.

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Athletes foot

Anxiety and depression 

Bad breath





Gas(Swollen stomach)

P.A.D disease


Ear ache



Alzheimerâ disease




Attention-deficit disorder



Congestive heart failure







Diabetic ulcers







High blood pressure

High blood sugar

High cholesterol


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C


Irritable bowel






Hot flashes

Irregular heartbeat

Irregular Menstruation

Low sperm count


Menstrual cramps

Premenstrual syndrome




Morning sickness

Muscle pain

Toilet Infections


Lower Back



Sore throat




Yeast infection



Did you know that diseases are communication? The body is not only telling you that all is not well, it is also saying what needs to be done. But most times, our addiction to drugs make us deaf to what the body says.
Here are a few habits to stop and start:
1. Stop using microwave to heat food. It works with radiation, and radiation is cancerous.
2. Stop consuming food that is more than two days old. It is dead food.
3. Pay closer attention to what your body is 'saying'. Just listen. Especially when you have a symptom. It usually communicates the solution along with the symptom.
4. Stop taking more bottled drinks than water.
5. Chew food properly before swallowing.
6. Stop drinking cold water.
7. Start taking deep breaths everyday. This one is magic. Although there are countless breathing techniques/therapies out there, be guided. If you don't know what you are doing you may create problems for yourself. Breathing techniques are usually supplementary to my therapies. I gave one breathing technique for detoxification on my page on facebook. If you have not seen it check it out here. If you saw it and participated in the exercise, let me share some of the health benefits of that particular breathing technique:
a. It alkalizes your blood. When you do the technique, you take in more oxygen and energy to your cells. This will raise the PH of your blood up to and over 7. This is how your body is alkalized. This will in turn prevent the build up of lactic acid and burst inflamations.b. Quick relief for high blood pressure. c. It is a natural pain reliever.d. It relieves stress and anxiety.e. You will experience uplifting emotions. Good for mood swings.f. Physical strength booster.g. It boosts your immune system by helping your vital organs to function optimally.h. Enhances concentration and focus.i. Heals allergies, etc. I can go on and on.
8. Find opportunities to exercise on the go.
9. Stop hatred and anger. Negative emotions weaken vital organs like the liver, kidney, heart, etc. Avoid anything that will make you you feel guilty. Guilt is a poisonous emotion!
10. DRINK MORE WATER. Your body is in similitude with the earth that it was made from, and that it lives on. The earth is made up of about 70% water, and so is your body. This is not a coincidence. If you can realign your life with this natural order, you will be a living miracle of healing and blossoming health! Do this by making sure that 70% of what you put in your body everyday is water.


History of Herbs 

 This is a little about how herbs started serving us The history of herbalism is closely tied with the history of medicine from prehistoric times up until the development of the germ theory of disease in the 19th century. Modern medicine from the 19th century to today has been based on evidence gathered using the scientific method. Evidence-based use of pharmaceutical drugs, often derived from medicinal plants, has largely replaced herbal treatments in modern health care. However, many people continue to employ various forms of traditional or alternative medicine. These systems often have a significant herbal component. The history of herbalism also overlaps with food history, as many of the herbs and spices historically used by humans to season food yield useful medicinal compounds, and use of spices with antimicrobial activity in cooking is part of an ancient response to the threat of food-borne pathogensA BRIEF HISTORY OF HERBS one of the oldest herbs in history is the popular Ginkgo biloba. Fossil records show that Ginkgo has been on earth at least since the Paleozoic period.Egyptians wrote one of the earliest known recorded medical documents around the 1500 BC called Papyrus Ebers. This 20-meter long scroll documents 700 plant-based remedies.The first recorded herbal study, called the Shennong Bencaojing, was written around 2,000 BC by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong (The Divine Farmer). He is known for a multitude of innovations such as seed preservation, dietary revolution (he advocated a vegetable-focused diet) and tasted hundreds of herbs. The document contains descriptions and information for 300 plants.During the Middle Ages, monks grew medicinal herbs. The liquor Bénédictine was made at the Benedictine Abbey of Fecamp in Normandy with 27 different plants and spices.Native Americans introduced the colonists to plants and herbs such as Black Cohosh, which is still used today for relieving menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms.* In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recognizes the value of Black Cohosh.In the early 1900s, innovations in chemical analysis allowed scientists to extract and modify active ingredients from plants. In America, clashes within the medical community and a growing infatuation with isolated chemicals led to the decline of herbal remedies. However, even today 40% of all pharmaceutical drugs are based on botanicals.Today, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary healthcare. In fact, 70% of German physicians prescribe plant-based medicines.Herbal medicine’s effectiveness and safety have stood the test of time. The popularity and longevity of herb use throughout the world are undeniable evidence of the healing power of plants.The use of herbal medicines has been extensively studied in Nigeria among adult and paediatric population with chronic illnesses such as herpes, hpv, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer, sickle cell anemia, arthritis, asthma Etc… Only a very few studies have specifically evaluated herbal medicine use among the general population. The current study assessed the prevalence of herbal medicine use among a general population of adults without chronic illnesses. A high prevalence of 66.8% observed in our study is similar to the rate (69.4%) observed in another adult population (with or without chronic illnesses) in Nigeria where herbal medicines were used concurrently with conventional medicines. However, the current rate of herbal medicine use was higher than the rates reported in Nigeria among adults with hypertension (39.1%), diabetes mellitus (46%), epilepsy (47.6%) and cancer (51.9%), and similarly higher than the rates (37.8%- 40%), herpes virus (24.1%) reported among adult patients in a setting of a health maintenance organization in Central Texas city, United States of America and among a general population in Finland, where herbal remedies were defined in the context of alternative medicines. The current rate was also almost thrice the value (23%) reported in children with asthma, epilepsy and sickle cell anaemia.Herbal medicines were used for a variety of health conditions ranging from malaria to blood enrichment. Contrasting findings have been reported in the United States where herbal remedies were predominantly used to treat common cold and for general health maintenance. Malaria was the commonest indication for herbal medicine use in this study similar to a previous study in Nigeria. However, only 20% of our population used herbal medicines to treat malaria compare to 80% in the previous study. The wide disparity in the proportions of herbal medicine users for malaria in both studies may be as a result of the differences in herbal medicine definition. While we define herbal medicines as the use of plants’ parts for medicinal purposes, other studies defined herbal medicines as finished, labeled medicinal products of plant or non-plant origin. Malaria is a common public health problem in Nigeria that may adversely affect both human and capital resources. The emergence of chloroquine and sulphadoxime/pyrimethamine resistant malaria in Nigeria may have informed the use of herbal medicines by the respondents.It is of concern that one-fifth of herbal medicine users in our study had no specific reason for the use. The lack of knowledge of potential harms of herbal medicines may have encouraged this practice. Given the high proportion of the participants (66.8%) who were herbal medicine users and the wide range of indications for their use, it is remarkable that only 12 herbal medicine preparations, involving 22 plants species, were used by the respondents. This finding is however contrasting to other studies that reported the use of high number of different plant species for chronic diseases such as diabetes in South Africa, inflammatory diseases in South-western Nigeria, and a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses in India. The exclusion of participants with chronic illnesses may have accounted for the low use of herbal medicine preparations observed in our study. The range of herbal medicines used by the respondents is quite different from those reported in other studies in Nigeria, Finland and the United States. This may be explained by the varied health conditions and cultural differences in each of the populations studied. Of the 12 different herbal medicine preparations used by the respondents, four of them (‘agbo jedi jedi’, ‘agbo iba’, ‘ijebu ode’ mixture and splina) were in their crude forms, while the remaining eight were refined into packaged forms. The regulatory framework in Nigeria has encouraged local production of herbal medicines in refined packaged forms, hence the proliferation of packaged herbal medicines in the Nigerian markets. Only the eight packaged herbal medicine preparations are likely to be certified by the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC



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